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“We Love Books!” presents the work of graphic artists working in the field of book design throughout the world. While entirely non-competitive and by no means exhaustive, the aim of this project is not only to reveal some of the most interesting work being produced in this area, but to highlight the unique conceptual, typographical and visual features inherent to different parts of the world. Despite the inevitable advance of new digital technology, books are currently enjoying an unprecedented creative boom. The book is, in essence, a cultural product – a tool for knowledge and learning. But books also give an incredible account of our modern-day civilisations, and our distinctive linguistic and geographical identities. “We Love Books” creates a kind of Utopia – a place in which works that would never usually share the same shelf-space are brought together to form an astonishing anthology of bibliophilic, graphic and plastic art. The exhibition and the book/catalogue accompanying  “We Love Books” offers everyone – professionals, students and the general public alike – a vast and completely unique panorama of contemporary quality publishing, in which the many cultural facets comprising today’s world converge.

Michel Bouvet.

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